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About Me

As someone who has lived and experienced some countries in Africa and fellow Africans, within and beyond the continent, I consider this blog long overdue. It has been a journey of unlearning the negative narratives, confronting the harsh truths and appreciating the little milestones that continue to shape the African Continent.


My blog posts would largely be shaped by personal experiences as lived and experienced with fellow Africans wherever they may be. This is necessary as it could be confusing knowing what path to tow or what narrative to listen to as far as the African story is concerned.

If many negative stories are pushed out, they are considered stereotypes while if many positive stories are pushed out, they are often considered patronising. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The overall objective of this blog would, therefore, be to contribute to the telling of the African story, as an African, in ways that would ultimately contribute to its growth and economic freedom, such that its own riches and joy shall be equally enjoyed by its children wherever in the world they choose to dwell.


Please come with me.

Chukwuebuka Ilozumba

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