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Thoughts From Ethiopia: Exploring Ethiopia Tourism and Its Preserved Treasures

Huge ETHIOPIA signage at Unity Park, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Unity Park

The name Ethiopia projects a lot of images to persons who have not been there. Ethiopian Airlines, beautiful longhaired women, African Union, King Haile Selassie, etc. The country has been through its worst days and is blossoming in its way. In recent times, it had been in the news for a spat with Egypt on how quickly they wanted to fill the under-construction Renaissance Dam, with over 10 million m³ capacity. Anyone would be worried. On the side, this project is towards the generation of over 5GW of electric power.

The Ethiopian Emperor's Palace
The Emperor's Palace

Addis Ababa University Entrance
Addis Ababa University

What else can you say about the second most populated country on the continent?

Ethiopia is one of the three African countries that welcome Africans to its countries without those humiliating visa application schemes that have seen African countries more welcoming to non-African passport holders. Home to the Africa Union and Africa’s biggest airline, Ethiopia is not shy in making its presence felt around the horn of Africa.

A camel-inspired structure in Ethiopia
Camel-Inspired Structure

As a Christian, what do you know about the tablets upon which the 10 Commandments were written for Moses? Yes, what happened to the Ark of the Covenant and why does Ethiopia’s name come up in the discussion?

As a Roman Catholic, have you encountered Orthodox Catholics? Do you know about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church?

The miles program from Ethiopian Airlines is called Sheba miles. What led to that choice?

As a Muslim, what do you know about the country in which the fourth holiest city in Islam is located?

The Rastafarian movement is traced to a former leader of this country. How come?

What else would I discover on his trip beyond the clips on Wode Maya’s YouTube channel?

Let’s go on this series of Thoughts from Ethiopia as we delve into exploring tourism in Ethiopia and its preserved treasures!




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