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THOUGHTS FROM ZAMBIA 08 - TFZ08: Nigeria Religious Export to Zambia

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Nigeria Religious Export

Asides from being asked thrice if I was a Nollywood actor, another question I was asked thrice was “Do you know Sia-1?” Well, it sounded like Sia-1 at the first time but at the third time, I had to search and found the name to be SEER-1. His full name being Andrew Ejimadu aka Prophet Seer-1, aka Jagaban. I would be hearing of him for the first time in my life but his hold on the Zambian space is undeniable. He obviously rolls with the political class and has had some issues with the government in time past. In terms of social media, once he goes live, you can be assured that Zambians are connected. Who else here has heard of this man before now?

Andrew Ejimadu, Founder Christ Freedom Ministries
Prophet Seer 1

A Tour Guide did ask me for the phone number of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. He wanted to talk to him directly and be fulfilled. Well, I have the Tour Guide’s number. If anyone can help him make it happen, please be my guest.

Head Prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (CMDM), Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

During the period we were there, Pastor Enenche and his daughter were being expected for a crusade in the country. The banners were strategically mounted and could not be missed.

Deborah Enenche
DUNAMIS Zambia Crusade Poster

Our Naija Gospel Music industry is not a joke. Those guys have a huge and unmistakable followership across the continent and Zambia was no different. During one of our restaurant moments, the Waiter knowing we were Nigerians joyfully informed his colleagues and we would spend the next few minutes providing translation services to the numerous songs they have been vibing to but did not know the meaning.

Nigerian Gospel Musician
Frank Edwards

Songs like Frank Edward & Don Moen’s K’ANYI BULIE YA ELU were fully translated for him. Alongside the body message in same Frank Edwards’ CHUKWUEBUKA song. We had to run when he moved to MIYE RUWE & OGHENE DOH. The excitement on this guy’s face, while this exchange lasted, was surreal. I momentarily felt like Philip The Evangelist with a Zambian Eunuch, just that baptism did not follow suit.

The above is one reason African nations look up to us. Nigeria's religious export to the international stage is captivating and Zambia is not shy of this effect. Can we make this gospel visible beyond our church gatherings? Can it reflect in our national character and day-to-day interactions?


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