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THOUGHTS FROM ZAMBIA 07 - TFZ07: Zambian Cuisine

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


What is a travel journey without the food experience? Ever since I overcame the fear of Amala and Okro back in FGC Kwali, I have never been food-shy. So, on the road, I do not play safe. I want to see and eat what you’ve got. And to that, Zambian Cuisine said “Welcome Son”. I had once tasted Kenyan cuisine and thought the terror of the experience would find me in Zambia but I was in for a good ride.

First of all, these guys are skilled with potatoes. Any style it comes in, once it is a Zambian chef, just dive in. Then, there are varieties of whatever you could eat. Nshima/ugali is one staple that unites the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa and I had it in full dose. They understand protein/veggies is the main meal and not finish 2 wraps of akpu with 5 tablespoons of okro. Veggies are usually served in abundance.

Rice and Beef Stew at Protea by Marriott Hotel Livingstone, Zambia Restaurant
Rice and Beef Stew
Fish Batter, Tartar Sauce & Veggies at Protea by Marriott Hotel Livingstone, Zambia Restaurant
Fish Batter, Tartar Sauce & Veggies

On the fruit side, the varieties and the availabilities are impressive. Ranging from berries to dates to citrus to your regular tropical fruits. Africa is loaded. Can’t tell me nothing. Farms that dot all over the terrain tell you how organic these items are with a lot of attention paid by the government to farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives in the country.

Let me digress a bit. We had run into a Nigerian Restaurant on Google Map (not mentioning the name) and thought we had to go dig in. Unfortunately, it was a flop. Keeping a standard outside the country is a challenge for us. Asides from the food lacking our major spices and heat, the environment of our restaurants outside Nigeria could aspire to more. The way we crave Indian and Chinese restaurants on our own, without any persuasion from the owners, should be the very same way other races should crave our cuisine and restaurants. You are cooking, you are giving change, you are gisting loudly in front of customers, you are marketing non-edible items in the corner. Nah, such chaos is not not needed. Operating in a healthy space and manner would not hurt the business. Do hire workers and be as professional as possible.

In Laissi’s voice: “I digressed. My bad, my bad. My Lord may I? My Lord, if I may.”

There was no dull time on the menu in Zambia. Since all has been eaten and digested, please use your eyes and imagine. T for Tens.

Sea Salt Restaurant & Bar Food, Lusaka, Zambia (Grilled Octopus, Chicken Peri & Rice Servings)
Grilled Octopus, Chicken Peri & Rice Servings
Protea by Marriott Hotel Livingstone, Zambia Restaurant (Kapenta Fish with Rice & Vegetables)
Kapenta Fish with Rice & Vegetables
Kapenta Fish at Shoprite Manda Hill Mall, Lusaka, Zambia
Kapenta Fish in Freezer Packs
Chicken Wings & Vegetables, Protea by Marriott Hotel Livingstone, Zambia Restaurant
Chicken Wings & Vegetables

Are you team food explorer or you just play it safe with rice and chicken everywhere you go?



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