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THOUGHTS FROM ZAMBIA 09 - TFZ09 Ode To The People of Zambia and Tourism

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


I can’t conclude this without noting how remarkable Zambians are, in person, in culture and in respect. From the first Immigration Officer to the ones that ushered us back on the plane. I think this is beyond tourism being of huge importance to them. They depict traditional African hospitality. It may be due to the fact they are bordered by 7 countries. To date, Malawi and Zimbabwe are their brothers. They handle their borders with them as they want, with market days at the border towns when no documentation is required amongst their traders and farmers transporting their produce across these colonial borders.

The local flight was taking only 15kg of luggage. So anything above that was excess and I felt my luggage of less than 20kg should be overlooked. The lady at the counter simply asks us how much we have before sending us to her manager. Hearing it is our first time there, he accepts our bargain and bids us farewell. On the return trip, the lady we met collected the money that was due, places it on the table and proceeds to ask us to take how much we need. Haaaa. Wowwww. We took 150 out of the 600kwacha and we all laughed away. The culture shock was real.

Proflight Zambia at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport, Livingstone, Zambia
Proflight Zambia

To get around Lusaka, we settled for YANGO (just like Uber/Bolt). We used this service 4x (2 ladies, 2 guys). On all occasions except one, on hearing our never-hiding accent, they became like our temporal Tour Guides. They would ask if you live here or just visiting before going ahead to encourage you to visit more often or simply relocate as their country is hospitable enough. As for me, I kukuma dey go where I am wanted. Dubai gbakwa oku. As far as tourism and Zambians are concerned, it has long been their way of life as a welcoming and hospitable people.

Boat Cruise on the Zambezi River
Sunset on the Zambezi River

Nigerians generally are respected in Zambia, for some reasons I couldn’t place my finger on. Yeah, I know our music, Nollywood and Churches are a huge export to this country but when compared to other countries I have experienced, theirs had something else to it. They said we always stand out. Whatever it is, I hope to figure it out someday.

37d Gallery, Lusaka, Zambia
37d Gallery

During our visit to the 37d Gallery, a book – titled NO BE FROM HIA – caught my attention, by Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda. You dey see name? Yet to read it but then, you can read the synopsis to have an idea. Our people dey waka oh.

No Be From Hia by Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda
NO BE FROM HIA - Back Cover

Book by Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda
No Be From Hia - Front Cover

Tourism is booming in Zambia. Visa fee (single entry) is $25 only and they don’t need your payment slip or 6-month account statement if you know what I mean. The fee used to be $50 till they (double entry, multiple entries) were slashed by 50% in January 2022. Feedback is in about 5-working days. So yeah, explore this continent of Africa while you still can. Don’t wait till African-Americans and others tired of extreme capitalism to take root before you go complaining about foreigners in Africa. Or when Dubai bans people above 70 years from visiting. In this day of digital nomads, why not if not?

Lusaka National Museum - Exhibition Floor
Explore Zambia

Final episode coming soon.


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